Updated: May 18, 2016

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Mother’s Day Print Fundraiser

We have done the draw for our Mother’s Day print fundraiser on the ‘”Moonrise Over the Bay” print by Dave Hoddinott. The winning ticket number is #821 and was won by Karen Weir.
The ticket was drawn by Captain Don Davis, Commanding Officer of 508 Caribou Air Cadet Squadron and witnessed by Captain Tim Loomis, Administration Officer of 508 Caribou Squadron, Captain Ken Holden, Administration Officer of 514 Kinsmen Squadron and Captain Roger Miller, Commanding Officer 514 Kinsmen Air Cadet Squadron.
Thanks to everyone who supported this fundraiser as well as Mrs. Rita Holden who did pretty much all of the leg work in obtaining the print and framing at no charge to the unit as well as making phone calls to parents and cadets to have tickets and money returned. Thanks again to all!!

Saturday & Monday, 22 & 23 May 2016, No Cadets

Long Weekend

Friday-Sunday, 27-29 May 2016, Spring Field Training Exercise (FTX)

6:30 – arrive at CFS St. John’s with kit for the weekend and permission slip signed. We will be leaving on a bus by 1900hrs for Camp McCarthy, near Carbonear. Cadets will spend the weekend in tents (weather permitting) and so they will need weather appropriate attire and footwear (we recommend water boots as well as secondary footwear). DO NOT bring clothing in garbage bags or airport suitcases; these bags are inappropriate for survival exercises. Backpacks and duffle bags are preferable. There are also many items that we recommend stay home (such as knives and cell phones).

We should be returning to St. John’s about 1400hrs (2:00pm) on Sunday, 28 May 2016. All these details and more are included in the permission slip and letter which was sent home Monday, 16 May 2016.

You can find it here –> Permission Slip Spring 2016

Sunday, 5 june 2016, End of Year Banquet

We will be hosting a potluck dinner at our usual location, CFS St John’s where the squadron will present the remainder of our awards for the year as well as deliver the final formal address to cadets and parents to close the training year. We hope to see you all there!

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